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 Wanda Boone, M.H., CNHP, Cert. Ir.    
WANDA'S CENTER FOR WELL BEING is owned and operated by Wanda Boone, Master Herbalist (certified through Emerson College in Canada), Certified Natural Health Professional (certified through the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals), Iridologist (certified through International Iridology Practitioner's Assn.), Certified Dark Field Microscopist (certified through Infinity2 Nutrition), Certified in Bio-Kinetic Testing (certified through HCMI), Certified Earth Acupuncture Practitioner, Health Minister and Cancer Survivor. (Please note: Wanda is NOT a doctor and does NOT practice medicine, diagnose nor treat disease. And although Wanda has had extensive training in bio-chemistry, micro-biology and nutrition, she is not a licensed nutritionist.)

Wanda Boone learned first hand just what a poor diet, a less than positive attitude and busy, stressfull lifestyle can do to your health! She developed breast, ovarian & uterine cancer in 1990 and received a prognosis of "death in 5 months".

Rather than going with the recommended conventional medical treatment, she chose to look for alternative ways to regain her health. After some very dramatic changes in her lifestyle, diet and attitude, she was successful in her endeavor and was able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In fact she has enjoyed vibrant health since her brush with death. She has "walked through the fire" herself and has personal knowledge of just how difficult (and rewarding) a total life transformation can be.

This has given her a unique perspective on natural healing and can give you lots of hope, information and guidance if you are interested in either re-gaining or maintaining your health naturally. In cases of serious illness, natural healing is not for everyone. After all, it puts the responsibility on YOU.

We believe that it is impossible to make an intelligent choice about your health if you don't look at ALL the options. And you need to talk to someone that will tell you the truth.

Natural healing does not mean substituting herbs for your prescription medications. It means making the necessary lifestyle changes that will allow your body to heal itself. Since this can sometimes be somewhat uncomfortable, some people are not willing to do the work. Other people take on the challenge and achieve extraordinary results.

We want you to get all the information you can gather, look at it with an open mind, pray about it and then follow the path that rings true in YOUR heart.

Our address is 109 Professional Ct. Ste. 105 Garner, NC 27529 which is just off I40 at exit 312 (40/42 exit). The directions are on the Calendar/Schedule page.

If you want to see if natural healing is an option for you, call us for an appointment today! 919-329-5557 or 800-396-0058

Be sure to check the "Classes We Offer" page.--- We offer many classes, workshops and even a week-long Wellness Retreat!

Comments from a few of our clients: ****

"I would like to thank Wanda for a wonderful phone consult the other day. It gave me so much insight and hope. I just ordered my products and cannot wait to use them. I have been doing my writing work. I would just like to say how great it was dealing with you starting with Melissa. Thank you." S. R. Verona, NJ

"I heard about you from several people, several times, over the last seven to eight years...and figured I would come in to see you "when I needed to see you"...well, that time came - I was experiencing symptoms that no medical doctor could explain and all they wanted to do was put me on antidepressants! I'll admit that I was going through a "rough patch" in my life - but I also had physical pain that was being invalidated by my I came in to see you. I can't even begin to explain what happened in your office. All I know is that I felt safe, heard, honored and truly cared for. And I truly believe it was probably the very first time in my life that all of that occurred at the same time! You looked in my eyes and started asking me questions that made me think you could see my soul...I was quickly moved to tears (which is not normal for me - Miss In Control, you know). Your confidence and trust in the ability of the body to heal itself came across Loud & Clear! And your disarming personality got through all of my normal barriers and got right to the heart of my issue! I felt better just from the appointment itself...and when I left I had a game plan in hand to get my whole life in harmony. It has been 2 months since my first appointment and all of my physical symptoms are gone - I am NOT depressed - I am no longer terrorizing myself with my negative thoughts, I am sleeping better, I have more energy, I am investigating all of the 'events' in my life, looking for the 'diamonds' and throwing away the rest, I have a daily spiritual practice, and I am learning to honor mySelf. I know that God used all of those wonderful people that tried to get me to see you - and I apologize to them for not listening...I was just not ready to do the work yet. I am sending you this note so others can read it and hopefully, will not wait so long to come in to let you "SEE" them. I am now proud to be one of those people being used by God to tell others about you! Thank you. That sounds so 'not enough' but it is from my heart & soul. I have found through all of this work that I have the capacity for a huge amount of love and I am sending it to you! Shine on!" Francie S. New Jersey

"It has been about 2 weeks since I have been taking the supplements you recommended for me and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I have stopped gagging in the morning, no longer feeling heavy or lethargic. In fact, I feel great, I have lost inches as opposed to weight so it is a start. I have gotten compliments on my skin. I have energy again. I feel so good until I am NOT tempted to drink soda ever again and I have not had one in almost a month, I drink only water. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help." SMT - Charlotte, NC

"OMG! When you suggested I attend the Unresolved Emotions letter writing class, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! One of the things you said really struck home -- you said 'You can only love with the amount of heart that you've healed' -- it went though me like a knife because I knew at that moment why my relationship was not was ME! heart was still bitter from when my dad left me & my mom (which you said was like scar tissue forming over a wound and that it buries our hope for, and trust in, the future). I desparately wanted - no, needed - him to love me, but how could he???? he had never even met the 'real' me. All he knew was the neurotic woman that kept changing herself to 'do all the right things' to make my relationship work - & then get mad at him when he didn't respond the way I expected him to. Oh jeez...that's hard to admit. Well, I want to tell you, I went to work on myself with the tools you taught me to use, and I am amazed with myself, my relationship, my new view of life in general and most importantly, this new spiritual awakening!!!!!!! How on earth will I ever thank you??? You will never know just how much your guidance means to me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU! I just have one question - Can I move in with you?" Janet B. -- Houston, TX

"It has only been four days since I made the changes you suggested (strongly) can it be possible for me to feel this much better so quickly? I am pleasantly surprised. I do still want my junk food but after looking at what that junk was doing to my blood, I think I will be able to stay away from it. Thank you for taking so much time to explain what was going on with me and how I was causing my symptoms by making the choices I was making. With your help, I can see my way out of this pit! I look forward to working on the emotional issues in the near future. Thank God for you Wanda, and may you be blessed all the days of your life." JJM - Richmond, VA

"Wow! what an eye-opening experience! Your perspective of the ability of the body to heal is so basic and real and 'common sense' that I think the medical system has just totally missed the whole thing (trying to make it all complicated and the like...). When you told me that you know that you know the body can heal itself, I could actually feel it. You gave me hope and confidence. When you told me what changes I could make & how to make them, you made me feel like I had some I was no longer a victim of my illness. How in the world do I thank you for that? My doctor has been baffled by my improvement & I have every intention of blowing his mind with a full recovery. I tell everyone I meet about you and the wonderful 'work' you do. God bless you." SLD, Raleigh, NC
Comments from some Wellness Week participants:

"Dear Wanda, I will never walk upon Mother Earth in the same way again. I had been praying for help, guidance and a better understanding of me and my purpose. This wonderful Wellness Week answered that prayer and taught me so much about mySelf. It allowed me to feel safe, nurtured and connected with Spirit, Mother Earth and all living things. -- Your beautiful center, magnificent grounds, forests, plants and flowers, delicious meals and you provided what I had been seeking. -- I got it!!! All the bits and pieces of mySelf came together more and more each day...I am so thankful to you. Thank You For Answered Prayers! In love, Lindy" -- July 2007

"It actually IS possible to 'eat above the line' for a whole week! And the pay-off is fabulous. I know the intention for this program was not weight loss, but it was a very welcome result! I did not get hungry - or bored. In fact, I had a great week! I learned a lot about myself (some things I did not want to acknowledge) and about why 'things keep happening to me'... I found that taking the time for myself and doing the emotional work you led us through, was priceless -- well worth more than the monetary investment. I now have time set aside every day for my spiritual practice - not just church on Sunday - I set my goals and make my decisions based on where I am going in my life rather than trying to make everyone around me happy. The surprising thing is that everyone around me is MORE happy than before! How does that happen? I feel great, I look better and I am happy!!!!!!! Thank you for Wellness Week! I am grateful for all of the knowledge, attention and support you have shared with me over the past 18 months and during this wonderful week!" Jerry D., Chesterfield, VA 2009
"I thank you, my wife thanks you and my two teenage sons thank you! According to them I seem to have undergone a "personality transplant". I sleep better (my wife says I don't snore as bad), I have more energy, I think more clearly, I don't get upset so easily and I catch myself laughing out loud --- all this coming from what used to be a self prophesed GROUCH!!! Hey, it's hard to be pleasant when you hurt all over and feel bad. I have to admit, I did not want to spend the money - but I would do it again in a 'New York minute' - with your continued guidance, I think I can keep this up for the rest of my life! Hey, how about putting together a weekend tuneup program?" Paul C., Fairfax, VA 2009
"Amazing transformation. After you got through my resistance (sorry about that) and I starting listening to what you were saying and watching what you were doing and the way you handled yourself with us, I actually started to feel. I didn't enjoy it too much, but it has been an amazing journey and I now know that all the junk food, coffee, angry outbursts, etc. were not only hurting my body, they were helping me bury my emotions. It has been a few weeks since the changes and I have noticed a big difference in all areas of my life. Thank God for you and the work you do so well." Rick J. Richmond, VA 2010
Comments from some Class participants:

Level I - Wellness Consultant Course - "Level I has been one "wow!, that is amazing" moment after another. I had no idea that I had no idea about the brilliance of the body - not until this class and not until Wanda explained it in a way that I could comprehend. Wanda delivers a wealth of information in each and every class. Be prepeared to be "wowed"!" FS, Raleigh 2011


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